Collective Sufficiency

Collective sufficiency is providing for all our essential needs in interconnected, inclusive and collective ways.

Collective sufficiency is co-governing, co-planning and co-designing such provisioning by working together and as delegated then sharing the goods and services on the basis of our various needs.

What is essential for us to live? We need food, clothing, shelter, tools, health, care and so on. But which goods and services do we identify as essential and which non-essential? Can we satisfy our essentials within our local area? These questions drive a set of workshops planned for mid-2024. See (download by clicking) ESSENTIALS RESEARCH SUMMARY, for background. And, for the workshops as they come on stream, watch this space!

Resources for our research include pre-invasion ways of living. See the Dja Dja Wurrung seasonal calendar here.

We are interested in mapping what exists to support local people satisfying their essential needs, and in collaborating with others involved in such mapping.

If you want to collaborate and contribute to our workshops or the mapping you don’t need to be a DCV member to do so – just contact us.