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Collective Sufficiency

Collective sufficiency is providing for all our essential needs in interconnected, inclusive and collective ways. Collective sufficiency is co-governing, co-planning and co-designing such provisioning by working together and as delegated then sharing the goods and services on the basis of our various needs. What is essential for us to live? We need food, clothing, shelter,

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Commoning and collective sufficiency go hand-in-hand. A much used – and, therefore, abused – word, what do we mean by ‘commoning’? Commoning is about relations of respect and sharing between people and between people and Earth. In a practical sense commoning refers to co-governance of the shared use of, responsibility for, and benefits from defined

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Glocalism (bioregions)

Glocalism means applying universal or global principles locally in everyday practices. We want to develop and follow ecologically sustainable, and politically and economically just, principles and practices. Here we suggest that glocalism means interacting and networked communities that are as collectively sufficient as possible. DCV is committed to exploring our various landscapes and how to

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